Trophies Plus Outfitters was founded by hunters, for hunters, with the belief that hunting trips should be more than the simple harvesting of an animal. Rather, it is our belief that each hunt should be a "quality" experience, to be remembered long after the trophy mounts have faded and lost their luster. To this end, we strive to make each hunt a totally satisfying experience, so much so that the only easing of the pain as the hunt ends is the knowledge that next year's hunt has already started counting down.

Our hunts are 100% fair chase, with no game fences or guaranteed kill situations. The only guarantee we do make, is that we will do everything possible to make your hunt a success, and an experience you will want to enjoy again and again.
Our guides are professionals who have put in countless hours over the years to achieve the level of success in the field they currently enjoy. They give 110% to insure that you have the hunt of your dreams.







Buckhorn Outfitters was designed with you, the trophy hunter in mind. Properties exceeding five hundred acres are hard to find in the mid-west and we have acquired several large tracts of land In Greene County, Illinois. (Approximately 6200 acres.) These properties consist of corn, soybeans, deep hardwood draws, and mature trophy white tails. Hunt property acquisition is based on their ability to attract and hold these mature bucks. By adding food plots and leaving standing beans and corn on these properties we are increasing the number of mature deer a place can hold. Check out our trail cameras and you will see for your self..

At Buckhorn Outfitters our priority is on quality deer management and client satisfaction. We limit our camp sizes to six people to ensure each client receives personal attention. This also ensures less pressure on our properties. Low pressure allows us to hunt specific deer and let others go for a older age structure. Trophy sightings, shot opportunities and harvest numbers are all a direct result of controlled camp sizes. We have implemented a intense year round management program.